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How to apply Vietnam visa in China?

If you are Chinese passports holders or Foreign passports holders currently residing in China, you have a plan to take a visit Vietnam from China, a visa to Vietnam must be prepared. This guide is for more information to have a Vietnam visa in China.

How to apply Vietnam visa in China?

There are two main options for travellers to get Vietnam visa from China:

Option 1: Apply Visa at Embassy of Vietnam in China

To apply Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy in China, some following documents you should prepare (Mandatory):

  • The ordinary passport with 06 month validity (the travel document and emergency passport might be not approved);
  • Application form;
  • 02 passport photo with 4×6 cm size;
  • Visa fee;
  • Introduction letter from the trading company based in Vietnam (if you wish to apply business visa);
  • An envelope with address (to get your passport back via Post);

Note: Documents might be changed due to the policy of Embassy; you should contact Embassy before submission.

Embassy of Vietnam in Beijing, China:

  • Address: No 32 Guanghua Rd, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing, China
  • Phone: +86-010-653 211 55
  • Fax: +86-010-653 257 20
  • Email: [email protected]

Option 2: Apply Visa on arrival (Recommended)

Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) is also known as landing visa. It is available for those who are living in China and take the flight to Vietnam. The applicants are not necessary to submit any documents at Vietnam Embassy or Consulate. You just need to choose the type of visa you wish and follow these simple online steps:

  • Step 1: Complete the online visa application form and payment.
  • Step 2: Receive the pre-approval letter via email within 2 working days or other urgent services based on your demand.
  • Step 3: Prepare required documents to pick up visa stamp upon arrival at Vietnam international airport.

+(*) Required documents: The print out of pre-approval letter, passport, 01 copy of entry and exit form,02 passport photos and stamp fee;
+Visa on arrival is just applied for air-travellers;
+Visa on arrival fee: the service fee for pre-approval letter paid online and stamp fee paid in cash upon arrival at Vietnam international airport;

Find guide to apply Vietnam visa in China by city

Anqing, Anhui Ankang, Shaanxi Anshan, Liaoning Anshun, Guizhou Anyang, Henan Baicheng, Jilin Baise, Guangxi Baishan, Jilin Baiyin, Gansu Baoding, Hebei Baoji, Shaanxi Baoshan, Yunnan Baotou, Inner Mongolia Bayannur, Inner Mongolia Bazhong, Sichuan Beihai, Guangxi Bengbu, Anhui Benxi, Liaoning Bijie, Guizhou Binzhou, Shandong Bozhou, Anhui Cangzhou, Hebei Changchun, Jilin Changde, Hunan Changsha, Hunan Changzhi, Shanxi Changzhou, Jiangsu Chaoyang, Liaoning Chaozhou, Guangdong Chengde, Hebei Chengdu, Sichuan Chenzhou, Hunan Chifeng, Inner Mongolia Chizhou, Anhui Chongzuo, Guangxi Chuzhou, Anhui Dalian, Liaoning Dandong, Liaoning Danzhou, Hainan Daqing, Heilongjiang Datong, Shanxi Dazhou, Sichuan Deyang, Sichuan Dezhou, Shandong Dingxi, Gansu Dongguan, Guangdong Dongying, Shandong Ezhou, Hubei Fangchenggang, Guangxi Foshan, Guangdong Fushun, Liaoning Fuxin, Liaoning Fuyang, Anhui Fuzhou, Fujian Fuzhou, Jiangxi Ganzhou, Jiangxi Guang’an, Sichuan Guangyuan, Sichuan Guangzhou, Guangdong Guigang, Guangxi Guilin, Guangxi Guiyang, Guizhou Guyuan, Ningxia Haidong, Qinghai Haikou, Hainan Hami, Xinjiang Handan, Hebei Hangzhou, Zhejiang Hanzhong, Shaanxi Harbin, Heilongjiang Hebi, Henan Hechi, Guangxi Hefei, Anhui Hegang, Heilongjiang Heihe, Heilongjiang Hengshui, Hebei Hengyang, Hunan Heyuan, Guangdong Heze, Shandong Hezhou, Guangxi Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Huai’an, Jiangsu Huaibei, Anhui Huaihua, Hunan Huainan, Anhui Huanggang, Hubei Huangshan, Anhui Huangshi, Hubei Huizhou, Guangdong Huludao, Liaoning Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia Huzhou, Zhejiang Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Ji’an, Jiangxi Jiangmen, Guangdong Jiaozuo, Henan Jiaxing, Zhejiang Jiayuguan, Gansu Jieyang, Guangdong Jilin City, Jilin Jinan, Shandong Jinchang, Gansu Jincheng, Shanxi Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Jingmen, Hubei Jingzhou, Hubei Jinhua, Zhejiang Jining, Shandong Jinzhong, Shanxi Jinzhou, Liaoning Jiujiang, Jiangxi Jiuquan, Gansu Jixi, Heilongjiang Kaifeng, Henan Karamay, Xinjiang Kunming, Yunnan Laibin, Guangxi Langfang, Hebei Lanzhou, Gansu Leshan, Sichuan Lhasa, Tibet Lianyungang, Jiangsu Liaocheng, Shandong Liaoyang, Liaoning Liaoyuan, Jilin Lijiang, Yunnan Lincang, Yunnan Linfen, Shanxi Linyi, Shandong Lishui, Zhejiang Liupanshui, Guizhou Liuzhou, Guangxi Longnan, Gansu Longyan, Fujian Loudi, Hunan Lu’an, Anhui Lüliang, Shanxi Luohe, Henan Luoyang, Henan Luzhou, Sichuan Ma’anshan, Anhui Maoming, Guangdong Meishan, Sichuan Meizhou, Guangdong Mianyang, Sichuan Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Nagqu, Tibet Nanchang, Jiangxi Nanchong, Sichuan Nanjing, Jiangsu Nanning, Guangxi Nanping, Fujian Nantong, Jiangsu Nanyang, Henan Neijiang, Sichuan Ningbo, Zhejiang Ningde, Fujian Nyingchi, Tibet Ordos, Inner Mongolia Panjin, Liaoning Panzhihua, Sichuan Pingdingshan, Henan Pingliang, Gansu Pingxiang, Jiangxi Pu’er, Yunnan Putian, Fujian Puyang, Henan Qamdo, Tibet Qingdao, Shandong Qingyang, Gansu Qingyuan, Guangdong Qinhuangdao, Hebei Qinzhou, Guangxi Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Qitaihe, Heilongjiang Quanzhou, Fujian Qujing, Yunnan Quzhou, Zhejiang Rizhao, Shandong Sanmenxia, Henan Sanming, Fujian Sanya, Hainan Shangluo, Shaanxi Shangqiu, Henan Shangrao, Jiangxi Shannan, Tibet Shantou, Guangdong Shanwei, Guangdong Shaoguan, Guangdong Shaoxing, Zhejiang Shaoyang, Hunan Shenyang, Liaoning Shenzhen, Guangdong Shijiazhuang, Hebei Shiyan, Hubei Shizuishan, Ningxia Shuangyashan, Heilongjiang Shuozhou, Shanxi Siping, Jilin Songyuan, Jilin Suihua, Heilongjiang Suining, Sichuan Suizhou, Hubei Suqian, Jiangsu Suzhou, Anhui Suzhou, Jiangsu Tai’an, Shandong Taiyuan, Shanxi Taizhou, Jiangsu Taizhou, Zhejiang Tangshan, Hebei Tianshui, Gansu Tieling, Liaoning Tongchuan, Shaanxi Tonghua, Jilin Tongliao, Inner Mongolia Tongling, Anhui Tongren, Guizhou Turpan, Xinjiang Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia Ürümqi, Xinjiang Weifang, Shandong Weihai, Shandong Weinan, Shaanxi Wenzhou, Zhejiang Wuhai, Inner Mongolia Wuhan, Hubei Wuhu, Anhui Wuwei, Gansu Wuxi, Jiangsu Wuzhong, Ningxia Wuzhou, Guangxi Xiamen, Fujian Xi’an, Shaanxi Xiangtan, Hunan Xiangyang, Hubei Xianning, Hubei Xianyang, Shaanxi Xiaogan, Hubei Xigazê, Tibet Xingtai, Hebei Xining, Qinghai Xinxiang, Henan Xinyang, Henan Xinyu, Jiangxi Xinzhou, Shanxi Xuancheng, Anhui Xuchang, Henan Xuzhou, Jiangsu Ya’an, Sichuan Yan’an, Shaanxi Yancheng, Jiangsu Yangjiang, Guangdong Yangquan, Shanxi Yangzhou, Jiangsu Yantai, Shandong Yibin, Sichuan Yichang, Hubei Yichun, Heilongjiang Yichun, Jiangxi Yinchuan, Ningxia Yingkou, Liaoning Yingtan, Jiangxi Yiyang, Hunan Yongzhou, Hunan Yueyang, Hunan Yulin, Guangxi Yulin, Shaanxi Yuncheng, Shanxi Yunfu, Guangdong Yuxi, Yunnan Zaozhuang, Shandong Zhangjiajie, Hunan Zhangjiakou, Hebei Zhangye, Gansu Zhangzhou, Fujian Zhanjiang, Guangdong Zhaoqing, Guangdong Zhaotong, Yunnan Zhengzhou, Henan Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Zhongshan, Guangdong Zhongwei, Ningxia Zhoukou, Henan Zhoushan, Zhejiang Zhuhai, Guangdong Zhumadian, Henan Zhuzhou, Hunan Zibo, Shandong Zigong, Sichuan Ziyang, Sichuan Zunyi, Guizhou

Frequently Asked Questions

I am United States living in Beijing. Do I need to apply Vietnam visa?

If your country is not in visa exemption list of Vietnam, applying visa is compulsory.

Can I use visa on arrival if I enter via border gate from Beijing to Vietnam?

No, you cannot. Visa on arrival is applied for air-travellers. In case you go to Vietnam via border gate, kindly apply visa at Vietnam Embassy in Beijing or e-visa before your departure.

How can I make a date at Vietnam Embassy in Beijing?

To apply visa at Vietnam Embassy, please contact : +86-010-653 211 55. In almost cases, you should spend a visit to apply.