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Vietnam Visa photo guidelines

Submitting photos which are not suitable may delay the whole process of your visa application even if photo requirements are not as strict as others. In case your photos are not accepted, you will be asked to submit the new ones before your Vietnam visa application is processed.

Do I need photo for Vietnam visa?

An ID photo is a necessary document for foreigners applying for a Vietnam visa. It is crucial that the photo meets the specific requirements set by the Vietnam Immigration Department. Not comply with these requirements can cause you to waste time as well as face any hidden complications in the visa application and entry procedure.

Vietnam visa photo requirements and size

Visa application photo Requirements
  • 1 photo required (4 x 6cm)
  • 1 application form
  • 1 Portrait photo taken in the last 6 months (4 x 6 size, colored photo, white background, straight looking without glasses)
  • 1 Passport scan photo information page (full and clear)
Visa on arrival
  • 2 Portrait photo taken in the last 6 months (3 x 4 size, colored photo, white background, straight looking without glasses)

What are photos for?

Like other countries in the world, Vietnam Immigration Department also make certain specification for the photo in their identification processes.

If you are applying for a traditional visa at the Embassy or Consulate, you will need to attach one photo to the visa application form. While people who are applying for a visa on arrival should prepare at least two photos, one photo is attached to the visa application form, and the other is presented at the airport if necessary.

Valid portrait photo for Vietnam visa

Valid portrait photo for Vietnam visa.

Vietnam visa photo requirements guidelines (Photo: Shutterstock)


Common Mistakes That Disqualify Your Passport Photo and Portrait

This is the most frequent error that leads to prolonged processing times for your Vietnam e-visa application within the government system.

Before applying for a Vietnam e-visa, applicants should ensure their passport and portrait photos meet the following criteria:

– Photos must be taken within the last 6 months and be clear.

– Photos should be in JPG or PNG format and not exceed 2MB in size.

For portrait photos:
  • The background should be white.
  • Avoid wearing glasses or tank tops.
  • Your face should be directly facing the camera, with no hair covering any part of your face.
  • Do not crop the image from your passport page, as it will not be accepted.
For the passport biography page photo:
  • The entire page, including the full ICAO lines, must be clearly visible.

After preparing the photos according to these guidelines, upload them to the online application form. Be sure upload to place the portrait photo and passport data page photo in the correct designated locations.