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Question: Enquiry Vietnam Visa

Hello Team, 

I have a question about the Vietnam Visa

  1. My son and wife hold Australian passport
  2. My daughter holds HK passport
  3. We are living in Hong Kong

We are planning to go to Nha TrangVietnam next month and would like to apply the Visa approval from your website, and then get the visa when we land. My question is can we get the visa in the airport of Nha Trang, as I CANNOT find this airport on the visa applying page on your website.

Thanks very much



In General Questions | Asked by John | June 25, 2018

Question: Vietnamese citizenship

Please guide Tony how to apply , and send application to my e.mail or my address 3506 S Adams Seattle Washington 98118 .I am now US citizen. All your addresses I will pay attention and furfill my responsibility.Thank for your well corporation. Well please give me closest location of consolate Vietnam near my house ( Seattle)

In General Questions | Asked by Vo Tony | March 29, 2018

Question: What documents do I need to apply for that Vietnam visa business?

Dear Bochin Lam,
Thank you for your reply.
However, I’m trying to apply for 12 months multiple visa. I couldn’t find the information on your web page. I’m an American citizen with American passport, and I will be working at a Japanese language school as a principal in Hanoi.
What documents do I need to apply for that visa?
Thank you very much for your help,
Hiroshi Takeichi

In Visa on arrival | Asked by Hiroshi Takeichi | March 12, 2018

Question: I will need to get a VISA to enter Vietnam


I’m going to Vietnam in February. I will need to get a VISA to enter Vietnam. I’m a Taiwanese in the USA. I want to ask you how to apply for a vietnamese VISA and what documents I need in order to apply for the VISA.

Thank you.

In General Questions | Asked by Yen Chu Chang | December 13, 2017

Question: What i have to do to receive the visa for Vietnam?

Dear Sir/ Madame,

I’m an italian guy living in Edinburgh, age 36, on 26 of november i would like to go in Vietnam and i will move from here on 23 to Bangkok for a couple of days, what i have to do to receive the visa for Vietnam, my plan is to go to stay no more than one months.

Many thanks, hoping to receive your answe i wish you best regards

Salvatore Martinico

In General Questions | Asked by Salvatore Martinico | November 14, 2017

Question: Visa requirements for Canadians wishing to visit Vietnam

Hello, we are planning on travelling by air from Thailand for a few weeks to Vietnam starting this week. Please advise if we should proceed with submitting the online visa application process.

Thank you

In General Questions | Asked by Laurie Hartland | November 13, 2017

Question: How to apply Visa Vietnam from Taiwan for Mongolian citizen?

Hello and Good day My name is Oyungerel Orosoo. I am Mongolian and I am a Ph.D. student in Taiwan. I and my son /5 years old/want to visit with my friend in Vietnam. My university far from Taipei city. I read it about e-visa. It means now for me no need to go to the embassy in Vietnam just apply online and I can get a visa from Vietnamese airport. If I apply for online visa how about Taiwanese airport immigration? Could you please explain to me more detail. Thank you, Best regards, Oyungerel

In General Questions | Asked by Oyungerel Orosoo | November 8, 2017

Question: Please explain what I as a USA Passport holder needs to enter Vietnam

Hello Please explain what I as a USA Passport holder needs to enter Vietnam….for ONE (1) or Two Week (2)…..and then land exit to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

In General Questions | Asked by Stephen Andrew Brusini | August 22, 2017

Question: What kind of visa do I need?

To whom it may concern,

I have a question regarding my trip
To Hanoi at the 26th of august. If I want to visit in one month Vietnam and Laos and Cambodia, what kind of visa do I need? I want to start in Vietnam and stay there for about 14 days but and I want to have the possibility to re-enter the Vietnam while traveling to Laos and cambodia? I don’t have my flight ticket back, do I need one for my visa application?

Thank you very much! Best regards,

Vincent Press

Question: How do we get a valid visa?


I am planning to visit Vietnam with some friends next month.
I am trying to understand how your process works.   I live in San Diego, my other friends are in Florida and in Kentucky.
How do we get a valid visa?  Do we have to send out our passports to the Embassy or a Consulate to get stamped?  Not quite clear what we need to do to work with your service.

Thank you so much for your help!




In General Questions, Visa on arrival | Asked by Katia Yaksic | July 25, 2017