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Question: authority letter

If i am coming personally to delhi to submit visa application on behalf of my Manbaging Director, should i have to submit authority letter for submission and for collection. please advice. Please give me copy of authority letter

In General Questions | Asked by RAMESH IYER | January 11, 2017

Question: French citizen

Hello, Could you please inform me if I can take the visa on my arrival at the airport in Vietnam ? Thank you for the answer.


In General Questions | Asked by de LAVANDEYRA Diego | January 6, 2017

Question: Vietnam visa for Ecuadorian citizen by land

Dear Vietnam Visa Online,

I’m an Ecuadorian citizen planning on traveling this february to Vietnam. I was wondering: what must I do to get a visa valid for entering by land (I’ll arrive in Bangkok and I plan to travel by bus/train)? I look forward for your answer.

Best regards,

Verónica Esteves

In General Questions | Asked by Verónica Esteves | January 4, 2017

Question: Bring money to Vietnam

Hi, i want to bring money to Vietnam for business purpose 20 000 USD. I see that i need declare my money. Do i need to prove the source? Thanks

Question: Online Visa for South Africans

Good day,
I am interested in applying for the Vietnam Visa online.
Would this be possible to do it directly by myself? Or do i have to go through a travel agent in Vietnam to use this option?
Can you also please let me know the fees involved.


In General Questions | Asked by Navya Ramdhani | November 28, 2016

Question: Vietnam online visa for Swiss citizen

Dear Madam, Sir,

I’m planning to visit some friends in Saigon for about a week from probably December 10th to December 17th.
I have a Swiss passport.

Please let me know how to proceed best.

Thanks a lot,

In General Questions | Asked by Olivier Cybercisco | November 24, 2016

Question: Apply Vietnam visa embassy in Hong Kong

Dear Sir

We know there’s two way in applying Vietnam visa, one is online and the other is submit to Hong Kong embassy, could you kindly send us the application form if we are going to submit to Hong Kong embassy, and what is the cost?  Many thanks.

Best Regards
Winnie Lau

In General Questions | Asked by Winnie Lau | November 8, 2016

Question: Get Vietnam visa online for American citizens from Thailand

My family would like to apply for Vietmam visas. We are American citizens currently in Thailand. There are four of us. What are your fees?

Name: Michelle Scott

In General Questions | Asked by Michelle Scott | November 1, 2016

Question: Vietnam Visa support for US citizen?

Hello Samantha,

Thanks for emailing me the form. I thought I could apply online for a visa that will be sent to my home address and then realized I was applying for a visa on arrival. I tried to contact the ambassador offices in Seattle and Washington DC locations on how to apply for visa that is sent to my home, but they were closed. Would you be able to help me with that?

Anh Le

In General Questions | Asked by Anh Le | October 31, 2016

Question: Get a tourist visa for Vietnam for Americans

I am a US citizen, looking to go to Vietnam for vacation next year. I heard that visa on arrival for US citizens it’s quite expensive. Is there a cheaper alternative to get a tourist visa for Vietnam for Americans? Thank you.


In General Questions | Asked by Amanda | October 24, 2016