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Question: I need information if I need transit visa for Vietnam

Dear Sir/Mam,
My name is Anduen Metushi, Albanian. Now I live in Indonesia. I want to go to France in Nov, 14, 2016 with Vietnam Airlines, and will transit in Ho Chi Minh airport around 2 hours. I need information if I need transit visa for Vietnam as long as I am in airport to wait for another flight to France? If yes, how I must apply to make it easy for me.
Need to hear the information immediately.
Thank you so much.

Best Regards,
Anduen Metushi

In Transit visa | Asked by Anduen Metushi | October 3, 2016

Question: Want I know visa procedure for Indian citizen?

Honorable sir,madam
My name is Mashooq, iam citzen of india and also passport holder of india but currently since 1 year iam in bangkok working for company water gate cozi in hotel Pratunam Bangkok i want go on holiday vietnam so i want know visa procedure, i am legally living in Bangkok with valid visa and thai workpermit please give me info about visa.


In General Questions, Visa on arrival | Asked by MASHOOQ AHMAD | September 29, 2016

Question: Vietnam Visa for US Citizens

Xin Chao,

I want a 3 month visa, multiple entry visa.

How much is it?

How much do I pay at the airport upon entry?

I have heard that now, for US citizens we can only buy a one year visa for $195, is that true?

Thank you,

Mr. Paul

In General Questions | Asked by PAUL GARCIA | September 28, 2016

Question: Can I pay the Vietnam visa fee in US dollars?

I have some questions. Does this require me to mail my passport in? Can I pay the Vietnam visa fee in US dollars?

In General Questions | Asked by Roxana | September 17, 2016

Question: How do we both apply visa from here?

To whom it may concern,

Hi there, my name is Marcelo and I would like to apply for a visa to Vietnam as I’ll be travelling by land through Cambodia.

I hold a New Zealand passport and my girlfriend who is currently living in New Zealand holds a French passport.

How do we both apply from here?

I look forward to your response so I can get this process started as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
Marcelo Sosa

In General Questions | Asked by Marcelo Sosa | September 16, 2016

Question: How much is 1-month multiple entries Vietnam visa?

Dear Vietnam visa,

Applying for tourist visa for 2 people and trying to understand how much to pay for 2 people with our application, 1 month multiple entries?

Dilip Patel

In General Questions | Asked by Dilip Patel | September 13, 2016

Question: A question for motorbike to Vietnam?

Dear Sir,

I am not sure if I am asking the right place for this question. My friend is Thai, he is planning to ride his motorbike to Vietnam at the end of this year.

(1)    Does he need to apply an approval for his motorbike?
(2)    If yes, where he should contact?
(3)    And what documents he should prepare

Thanks a lot for your help.

Best Regards,

In General Questions | Asked by Jing |

Question: How to get a 1-year multiple entry visa for US citizens?

I am traveling to Vietnam in late September.  I will be staying for two weeks. I read on another website that US citizens have to get a 1-year multiple entry visa, effective August 29, 2016.  Is this correct? How much is your processing fee?


In General Questions | Asked by Brian Rindels | September 6, 2016

Question: Could i have Vietnam visa from Fiji?

Dear Vietnam visa,

Where is the nearest place for me to apply for a visa to travel to Vietnam from Fiji on the 18th September for APO Training Programme and to leave Vietnam for Fiji after the programme on the 24th September?

Thank you

In General Questions | Asked by Marfaga Solomone | August 23, 2016

Question: Visa to Vietnam application for 6 days

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to visit Vietnam for a holiday of 6 days, from 3 – 9 October 2016. There are 2 of us, and we are from New Zealand.

We will be flying into Hanoi from Bangkok. Can we get our visas on arrival at Hanoi airport? Could you please advise as to the correct procedure? Thank you.


Rachel Trotter