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Question: Vietnam Visa support for US citizen?

Hello Samantha,

Thanks for emailing me the form. I thought I could apply online for a visa that will be sent to my home address and then realized I was applying for a visa on arrival. I tried to contact the ambassador offices in Seattle and Washington DC locations on how to apply for visa that is sent to my home, but they were closed. Would you be able to help me with that?

Anh Le

In General Questions | Asked by Anh Le | October 31, 2016


Dear Anh Le,

Thank you for your email.

We would like to clarify that there are 2 commons ways to apply for a visa to Vietnam as follows:

1. Applying via Vietnam Embassies/Consulates (effective for all citizens and all borders in Vietnam):

The procedure to apply for visas at Vietnam Embassies/Consulates cannot be done online and it requires sending off your original passport or you need visit them in person so you can have the visa stamped into your passport. You will also have to visit them again to pick up your passport or receive it back via post. Kindly wait until the working hours of the office and contact them again for the detailed procedure and fees. Please be aware that this practice might cause risks to your important documents and take time.

2. Applying for Visa on Arrival (applicable for air travellers only):

If you are flying to Vietnam like most US traverllers, we would highly recommend visa on arrival. It takes only 2 working days to process your visa application and once it is approved by Vietnam Immigration Department, a visa approval letter will be sent back to you via email. With this letter, you will be able to fly to Vietnam and get your official visa stamped at any Vietnam international airports. The procedure goes smoothly, fast and secure as you do not need either to travel to Vietnam Ambassador offices or send off any documents.

For visa on arrival application, you can always submit it here or fill in the form we sent you earlier, or simply send us your passport scan, confirm your expected arrival date and the type of visa you wish to apply and we will assist you further.

We hope this information is helpful for you. Please consider let us know your decision.

Best regards,

Penny Nguyen (Ms.)

Sales Executive