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Question: Require a transit visa?

Hello, My client had a schedule change with Singapore airlines. He was flying directly from Siem Reap to Singapore. He has now been re routed via Danang with a 40 minute re fuel transit. He is a Australian passport holder, will he require a transit visa?

In Transit visa | Asked by Rachael | April 12, 2019

Question: I need information if I need transit visa for Vietnam

Dear Sir/Mam,
My name is Anduen Metushi, Albanian. Now I live in Indonesia. I want to go to France in Nov, 14, 2016 with Vietnam Airlines, and will transit in Ho Chi Minh airport around 2 hours. I need information if I need transit visa for Vietnam as long as I am in airport to wait for another flight to France? If yes, how I must apply to make it easy for me.
Need to hear the information immediately.
Thank you so much.

Best Regards,
Anduen Metushi

In Transit visa | Asked by Anduen Metushi | October 3, 2016

Question: Information on Vietnam transit visa?

Hello! I would like your help to clear an important doubt.  I would like to know what type of Visa should I request for a transit in Vietnam.

I am traveling from Melbourne, Australia to Paris (return) having a stop in Ho Chi Minh City in the middle.  This means my flight is from Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh and then from Ho Chi Minh to Paris. The same way will be when I return from Paris to Melbourne.

In my first flight (Melbourne-Paris) I have a waiting in Ho Chi Minh of 14 hours between my arrival and my departure to Paris and in my return flight I will have a waiting of 11 hours.

I would like to know what type of visa should I request, Single or Multiple:

– My first arrival to the Ho Chi Minh airport will be July 28th at 4pm, taking the flight to Paris at 9am July 29th. (14 hours waiting between flights)
– My second transit through Ho Chi Minh from Paris will August 17th, taking my flight to Melbourne the same day at 9pm. (11 hours waiting)

I touch the airport in those two opportunities but I wont visit the city.  What should I request?

What is the meaning of 1-2 pax in the chart of the fees information?

Thank you very much for your help.

Hilda Rodriguez

In Transit visa | Asked by Hilda Rodriguez | June 21, 2016

Question: Visa to Viet Nam via Cruise

Hi, THANKS for your help. We\’re traveling to Vietnam for a few days as part of our 2 weeks Asia cruise. We\’ll ported in Ha Long Bay. So can your office still able to help us w/ Visas application since your website mentioned for Flights only ?

Best wishes,

Larry X Phan

In Transit visa | Asked by Larry | November 17, 2015

Question: How to visit in Vietnam cross a land border?

Dears Sirs,
I am a Portuguese national. Will travel to Thailand in December. During the stay we would like to visit Vietnam.
Think we Will cross a land border. What are the steps to get a visa , if needed?

Thank you.


In Transit visa | Asked by Rui Ticlo | November 12, 2015

Question: Visa to Vietnam transit ?

Good evening

I have a question relating to the visa in vietnam. My boyfriend and I have to stay for one night in Hanoi because of our transit flight to singapore. Is it possible to stay the whole night at the airport and if not what can we do relating to the visa?

Best regards
Carmen Buesser

In Transit visa | Asked by Carmen Buesser | October 13, 2015

Question: Apply Vietnam visa tourist from Cambodia

Please I need information about TOURIST visa on arrival.
I’ll come from Cambodia (Kaam Samnor), is it possible to get visa in Vinh Xuong?
I’d like visit Vietnam for one month.

Thank you for your answer
Kind regards
Silvia Baldi

Question: Visa for Transit through Vietnam

My partner and I am flying to Paris and have to fly via Vietnam. We fly Sydney to Ho Chi Minh City, then Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, then Hanoi to Paris. Do we need a visa because we are flying between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi? I asked the airline (Vietnam Airlines) and they said that if we stay in the transit area we don\’t need a visa.

In Transit visa | Asked by Zoe Stewart | July 31, 2014

Question: Gettting Vietnam visa from Belgium


I’m a Belgian citizen and 3 of my friends from Belgium, Denmark and the Philippines are travelling to Vietnam by crossing the border by land in Cambodia. Do we need to apply a visa or can we get a visa on arrival? Thank you for your help!

Kim Johnson

In General Questions, Transit visa | Asked by Kim Johnson | July 23, 2014

Question: Can I get a visa on landborder ?

I am an Australien living in Thailand. I would like to visit Vietnam by car via Laos. Is there a land border crossing to Vietnam. Can I get a visa on landborder.

Thank you

Manfred kh Ihms

In Transit visa | Asked by Manfred kh Ihms | July 15, 2014