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Question: Visa exemption for Italian citizen


I’m an Italian citizen and I’ll visit Vietnam from 20 august to 3 semptember, but, in these period I’ll go to Cambodia too (from 29 to 31 august).

So the questions are:

1. Should I pay a SINGLE ENTRY VISA at my first arrival (and it’s valid for 30days, including exit to cambodia and re-enter to ho chi minh)

2. Should I pay a SINGLE ENTRY VISA when I will enter for the second times in vietnam (from Cambodia to Vietnam), and my first enter from Italy it’s free.

3. Should I pay a MULTIPLE entry visa?

Can you you help me please?

Thank you in advance for you prompt reply

Ricky Sedini


In General Questions | Asked by Ricky Sedini | August 12, 2016

Question: Am i need a vietnam visa for my visiting purpose ?

Hi Sir / Madam,

I have my Phil. passport & it was my first time to visit vietnam , am i able to trip to Thanh Hoa ? & am i need a vietnam visa for my visiting purpose ? for how long am i able to stay ? what are the following steps that im going to do to visit there ? Thank you

In General Questions | Asked by GEL-GEL GADICHO | August 4, 2016

Question: Do I need an entry visit to visit Vietnam?

To whom it may concern

I may be travelling to Vietnam later on in the year. I am a British passport holder but will be flying from Bangkok, Thailand. Do I need an entry visit to visit Vietnam?

I heard that this was no longer required to promote tourism. Is this correct?

Mrs Angus

In General Questions | Asked by Alison Angus | July 14, 2016

Question: Visa for vietnam – basic questions

Good morning,

I want to travel to Vietnam from around 01.09. until 01.11.2016.
I do NOT have booked my flights to Hanoi yet.
Do I first have to book my flights and 2nd apply for Visa?
If I do not get a visa after I purchased my flight  – I have spent money for nothing!

OR do I first apply with an approximate arrival  and departure date and once I got the visa I will book my flights?

please advice!

Best regards,

In General Questions, Visa on arrival | Asked by Gerd Kribel | July 13, 2016

Question: Enquiry on Visa on arrival for Singaporean

Dear Sir / madam,

My friends is living in Hue city and her student visa will end on 14th Aug, however she will need to stay in Hue city until September. She will be going back to Singapore this week for a few days and would like to get a 3-month visa on arrival when she comes back to Vietnam again.

So is it possible for her to get the visa on arrival while she is still having her student visa?

Thank you.

Ms Jia Huey

In General Questions, Visa on arrival | Asked by Ms Jia Huey | July 6, 2016

Question: Visa Upon Arrival for Australian

I am an Australian & will be arriving in Vietnam on 28 June 2016 & wish to inquire about the visa upon arrival arrangements.

Please advise. Thank you.

Joffre Balce

In Visa on arrival | Asked by Joffre Balce | June 27, 2016

Question: Information on Vietnam transit visa?

Hello! I would like your help to clear an important doubt.  I would like to know what type of Visa should I request for a transit in Vietnam.

I am traveling from Melbourne, Australia to Paris (return) having a stop in Ho Chi Minh City in the middle.  This means my flight is from Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh and then from Ho Chi Minh to Paris. The same way will be when I return from Paris to Melbourne.

In my first flight (Melbourne-Paris) I have a waiting in Ho Chi Minh of 14 hours between my arrival and my departure to Paris and in my return flight I will have a waiting of 11 hours.

I would like to know what type of visa should I request, Single or Multiple:

– My first arrival to the Ho Chi Minh airport will be July 28th at 4pm, taking the flight to Paris at 9am July 29th. (14 hours waiting between flights)
– My second transit through Ho Chi Minh from Paris will August 17th, taking my flight to Melbourne the same day at 9pm. (11 hours waiting)

I touch the airport in those two opportunities but I wont visit the city.  What should I request?

What is the meaning of 1-2 pax in the chart of the fees information?

Thank you very much for your help.

Hilda Rodriguez

In Transit visa | Asked by Hilda Rodriguez | June 21, 2016

Question: Visa for Single entry 3 months

Hi, Visa for Single entry 3 months is valid for travel 1 year period or just 3 months valid from the date of approval.Thanks

In General Questions | Asked by Tim |

Question: An inquiry of visa Vietnam for Chinese citizen

Hello there, I am a Chinese citizen who will visit Vietnam from Beijing in this July for about 15 days. So I just need to apply the visa on your website, right? Do you need to do any application in with the Vietnam Embassy in Beijing?

In General Questions | Asked by Yin-Zhe Ma | June 10, 2016

Question: Visas for UK and Thai coming from Thailand

Dear Sir/Madam,

Myself and my wife are planning to come to Vietnam. I have been offered a teaching position. We live in Sout Thailand and wish to apply online. Would you please recommend a trustworthy operator to facilitate our application.

Thank you and best regards,

George Graham.

In General Questions | Asked by George Graham | June 7, 2016