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Question: What kind of visa do I need?

To whom it may concern,

I have a question regarding my trip
To Hanoi at the 26th of august. If I want to visit in one month Vietnam and Laos and Cambodia, what kind of visa do I need? I want to start in Vietnam and stay there for about 14 days but and I want to have the possibility to re-enter the Vietnam while traveling to Laos and cambodia? I don’t have my flight ticket back, do I need one for my visa application?

Thank you very much! Best regards,

Vincent Press

In General Questions | Asked by Vincent Press | August 22, 2017


Dear Vincent Press,

Thank you for contacting us.

Kindly provide us the scan or the photo of your passport information page, confirm us the exact type of visa and arrival date (you cannot enter before this date) for the visa application.

According to your itinerary, the 1 month - multiple entries visa will be suitable so that you can re-enter Vietnam while travelling to Laos and Cambodia. Kindly note that we also support with Tour Packages so please let us know should you need any further support.

We would like to inform that the Vietnam Immigration Department is closed from 19 to 21 Aug 2017 for Vietnam People's Security anniversary. Therefore, the soonest time your visa application can be processed is on Tuesday, 22 Aug 2017 (Vietnam time).

We are waiting to hear from you soon and wish you have a great weekend.

Best regards,

Daphne Le (Ms.)

Sales Executive