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Question: Can I change the entry/exit time?

Dear Sir/Madam,

We want to apply Vietnam Visa online, but I have not decided the exact time to go. Can we just use an approximate time to apply and may change the time to go there?

In General Questions | Asked by Ann Wang | May 22, 2019

Question: Vietnam tourist visa

Hi ,

I am Turkish national and want to visit Vietnam for a week starting this Sunday 26 May ,can you provide an express visa if i apply today ?

Question: Get visa on arrival

Hi there ,

I am a Srilankan and hope to visit Vietnam on 21 of May. So I need to get the tourist visa on arrival for 30 days.
As a Srilankan, is there any issues to get the visa approve letter within 8 hours.

Thank you very much

Question: I want to have the sticker visa before arrival

I just filled out info online for a visa & paid $16, but am confused about next steps. I thought I was to receive the visa prior to arrival in Vietnam, but too confusing with what to do now. Do I still need to fill out and print the application in # 2? Is there an option to apply by mail by sending in the application & passport? I want to have the sticker visa before arrival.

In Visa on arrival | Asked by Rosemari Todd | May 14, 2019

Question: Cruise Ship Visa

Hi, I will be visiting Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City – on a cruise for one day, how do I obtain a visa prior to arrival, or can I obtain a visa on arrival?


Question: Require a transit visa?

Hello, My client had a schedule change with Singapore airlines. He was flying directly from Siem Reap to Singapore. He has now been re routed via Danang with a 40 minute re fuel transit. He is a Australian passport holder, will he require a transit visa?

In Transit visa | Asked by Rachael | April 12, 2019

Question: Entering Vietnam by Train

Hello,  I visiting Vietnam in my and thinking of entering the country by train via China. How should i get my visa Vietnam?

Thank you.

Best Regards

Question: Social Visit Visa for Chinese Nationals working in Singapore

We are organizing a company holiday to Ho Chi Minh in August. We like to know the procedure & cost to obtaining a visa (in Singapore) for our Chinese national colleagues. Please also advise expiry of visa so that we can time when we should apply for it.



Question: I have a Vietnamese wife and I wish to stay in Vietnam for long term. How can I do it.

I have a Vietnamese wife and I wish to stay in Vietnam for long term. How can I do it? I am Singapore citizen and we were married in Singapore.

Question: She is Japanese and stay Vietnam 18 days. Can she apply for Visa on Arrival?

My boss is a Japanese who stations in Singapore. She just come back from Vietnam yesterday. She will go to Vietnam 18 days later. Does she need to apply Visa. Can she apply for Visa on Arrival?