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Question: Passport being renewed

My husband\’s passport is currently being renewed. Can I still apply for visa with his old passport number and details. The new passport will be different details. We are travelling into Vietnam in May 2015 by bus from Cambodia.

In General Questions | Asked by Carolyn Carson | May 11, 2015


Dear Carolyn Carson,

Thank you for your email.

If your old husband's passport has not expired and has enough pages to stick visa stamp for his travel trip, he can use the old passport to apply visa. Otherwise, kindly please apply visa with his new passport.

Additionally, for those who enter Vietnam by bus, you are advised to go to the nearest Embassy/Consulate of Vietnam to get your visa prior to your departure. Kindly click here to find the closet one.

Best regards,

Kelly Nguyen (Ms.)

Sales Executive


Dear Kelly

When travelling into Vietnam can you take in non prescription medicines for personal use like heachache tablets and cold and flu tablets?

Kind regards



Dear Carolyn Carson,

Thank you for your email.

You are recommended to ask your doctor's advice for some necessary inoculations which would be helpful in Southeast Asia countries in the rainy season. With some specific drugs, you should prepare in advance. Otherwise, you can buy in Vietnam when needed.

If you wish to bring them with you, there are two ways to be accepted at Vietnam customs' check point:

1. Your medicine is approved by Vietnam Ministry of Health's Pharmaceutical Management Department to be imported to Vietnam with exact the names, the quality and quantity as stated.

2. Your medicine is well recognized and approved by international health organizations to be imported to another country with exact the names, the quality and quantity as stated.

From your countries and the countries that you transit, please double check with the customs from each country.

We hope that you are satisfied with this answer. Should you need further support, feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

Sophia Nguyen (Ms.)

Sales Executive


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