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Question: How to get business arrival visa?


I am planning to come to Vietnam for business purpose.
I would like to know:
– Which documents are required for Croatian passport to get business arrival visa?
-What is time required to get this business arrival visa?

The best regards,

In General Questions | Asked by DUBRAVKO DRAZENOVIC | May 31, 2016



Thank you for contacting us.

We would like to confirm that in order to apply for a business visa to Vietnam, you will either need to have a business partner in Vietnam, or to be hired by a company in Vietnam. The company should be willing to provide the following documents in Vietnamese:

+ Notarized Business Registration of the company in Vietnam + Notarized Stamp Registration of the company in Vietnam + Guaranteed letter issued by the company in Vietnam + Document sent to Vietnam Immigration Department + Stamp and Signature Official Documentation + Detailed working programme during your stay in Vietnam + Introduction letter + Guarantee letter from your Vietnamese business partner

If you meet the conditions mentioned, please confirm us and we will contact your company in Vietnam directly to take care of your visa application.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Kathy Nguyen (Ms.)

Sales Executive