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Question: Get a Vietnam visa multiple or single entry

Hello! i’m from Spain. I’m going to visit Vietnam on August 2nd. Then i am flying to Cambodia on 15th and i’m returning to Vietnam on 19th. I’m going back to Spain on 23rd. Do I need a multi entry Visa or I can get a single visa because in the fist visit i’m staying less than 15 days? Thank you so much.

In General Questions | Asked by | July 9, 2019


Dear Laura,

Thank you for your email.

You only need to apply 1 month single entry visa because Spain passport holder are exempted within 15 days to enter Vietnam. To enjoy free visa policy, the new entry date must be at least 30 days apart from your last exiting date in Vietnam using visa exemption. If the time distance is less than 30 days, you still need to get a new visa.

Hence, kindly check your last entry date carefully and confirm us soon in the case you cannot enjoy visa free.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Cindy Ha