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Question: How to apply for the visa to Danang, Vietnam ?

Hi, We are interested in going to Da Nang. Is it easier to transport via Hanoi or HoChiMing city?

Will we be going through immigration directly at Da Nang or do we process through one of the other 2 cities? So, our visa should say Da Nang or otherwise?
We will be traveling to other Asian countries before we get to Vietnam, does this affect how we apply for the visa?

Please advise. thx.

In General Questions, Visa on arrival | Asked by Ellen Yin | April 14, 2014


Xin Chao!nI plan to arrive in Vietnam from the northeastern borders (maybe from Le Thanh border). nnCould you please inform me about the possibility of get a visa at the border ?nnI\'m french people, so I can stay in Vietnam with no visa during 15 days (that\'s right ?), if I want to stay more, can I get a Visa in DaNang ? How much for 3 month single entry ? How long?nnThank you for your helpnnPatrick


Dear Ellen Yin,

Thank you very much for contacting us.

We would like to inform that you will get the visa stamp at the first destination in Vietnam. For example, if you take flight to Hanoi first, then transit to Da Nang via domestic flight, the visa will be obtained at Hanoi airport.

The immigration procedure is the same at Hanoi airport and Ho Chi Minh airport. Just a notice, number of flights arriving Ho Chi Minh is more than that in Hanoi, then if you land at rush hours which many flight arrives at the nearly same time, it takes you more time for visa stamping procedure.

Your travelling destinations before do NOT affect how you apply visa. Just note that the visa on arrival is used for traveling by air only. If you enter Vietnam by land or sea, please go to Vietnam embassy aboard to get visa before arrival.

Should you need further support, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,