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Question: How to apply Vietnam visa in Yangon, Myanmar?

Hello, we are two danish tourist girls who want to know if it is possible to get visa to Vietnam in Yangon at Vietnam embassy?

Greats from Anna and Ida

In General Questions | Asked by Ida Kathrine Dalgaard | January 6, 2016


Dear Anna and Ida,

Thank you for contacting us.

We would like to clarify that there are two common ways to apply for a tourist visa to Vietnam as follows:

1. Applying for Vietnam Visa at Vietnam Embassies/Consulates (effective for all citizens and all borders in Vietnam): You can always go to the Embassy/Consulate of Vietnam aboard to apply the visa in person. You can find here the contact of Vietnam Embassy in Yangon.

2. Applying for Vietnam Visa on Arrival with (applicable for air travellers only): If you are taking a flight to Vietnam, another great option for you is visa on arrival. It takes only 1- 2 working days to process your visa application and once your visa application is approved by Vietnam Immigration Department, you will receive the visa approval letter that allows you to fly to Vietnam and obtain the official visa stamp upon arrival at any of Vietnam's international airports.

Please note that Danish passport holders are exempt for a Vietnam visa within 15 days single entry. If you have not visited our country within 30 days before this coming trip and you are not staying more than 15 days, you do not need to apply for a visa.

We hope that the information is helpful for you and should you need further support, feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

Vietnam visa support