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Question: When to apply and assistance service ?

Dear sales team,

I am going to Vietnam in November and I would like to apply on your website for a a visa on arrival.  Is it ok to do it now or should I do it closer to November?

I am flying to Ho Chi Minh (SGN). May I ask how many queues should I do at the airport to get the visa and, on average, how long does it take to complete all the procedures?


Katherine Fielding


Dear Katherine Fielding,

We would like to answer your concerns as follows:

1. If you fix your flight schedule for your trip in November, you can apply visa from now on. Your visa application will be processed within 2 working days only and you will receive the visa letter via email.

2. Depending on the number of tourists getting visa stamped at the Immigration Checking Point at the same time with your landing, it will takes from 30-60 minutes to get visa, or even longer. However, if you book our assistant service, there will be our assistant who stands at the LANDING VISA area with your name on the board, greet and support you all visa procedure to get visa promptly and conveniently. nnHope that you are satisfied with these answers.

Should you need further support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,