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Visa exemptions for Vietnamese citizens

April 08, 2015

With ordinary passports, Vietnamese citizens can travel freely to 44 countries in the world without needing to first obtain a visa.

Visa exemptions for Vietnamese citizens

This figure is higher than some Asian countries, such as China (43), the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (41), Iran and Myanmar (40).

According to the latest data gathered and updated in March 2015, Vietnam has signed visa exemption agreements with 79 countries, 76 of which are already in effect.

However, most of these visa waiver agreements relate specifically to diplomatic passport holders or ordinary passport holders who work at diplomatic agencies and international organisations. Therefore, these agreements don’t impact normal citizens.

Vietnamese tourists can travel to these countries with six-month valid passports

Currently nine Southeast Asian countries waive visa regulations for Vietnamese citizens, with different duration times.

For example, in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, citizens may visit for a maximum 30 days, Myanmar a maximum of 14 days, and the Philippines a maximum of 21 days.

Additionally, several American countries (Cuba, Haiti, Ecuador, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Panama) have exempted visas for Vietnamese citizens. Vietnamese must apply for a visa to visit any places in the Republic of Korea, except Jeju island.