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Vietnam Multiple Entry Visa – All You Need to Know

December 21, 2023

Vietnam is a beautiful country with a rich culture, delicious food, and breathtaking landscapes. It’s no wonder that it has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. If you’re planning on visiting Vietnam, you’ll need to obtain a visa before your trip. While there are various types of visas available, the multiple entry visa is ideal for those who plan on making multiple trips to Vietnam within a certain period of time.

In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Vietnam multiple entry visa. From the different types of visas available to the application process and cost, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive in!

vietnam multiple entry visa

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Types of Vietnam Multiple Entry Visa

Before we delve into the details of how to obtain a multiple entry visa for Vietnam, let’s first understand the different types of visas available. There are three main types of visas that allow multiple entries into Vietnam:

  • 1 month tourist visa;
  • 3 months tourist visa;
  • 1 month business visa;
  • 3 months business visa;
  • 6 months business visa;
  • 1 year business visa;

How to Get a Multiple Entry Visa for Vietnam?

Now that you know the different types of multiple entry visas available, let’s discuss how you can obtain one for your trip to Vietnam. There are two main ways to get a multiple entry visa for Vietnam:

1 Get Vietnam e-Visa

The e-Visa is an electronic visa that allows travelers to enter Vietnam for tourism or business purposes. It is valid for a maximum stay of 90 days and allows for single or multiple entries depending on the type of visa you apply for. The application process for an e-Visa is simple and can be done online through the official government website.

To apply for an e-Visa Vietnam, you will need to provide personal information, passport details, and a digital copy of your passport photo page. Once your application is approved, you will receive an electronic visa via email, which you can print and present upon arrival in Vietnam.

2 Get Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Another option for obtaining a multiple entry visa for Vietnam is through the visa on arrival (VOA) service. This is a convenient option for those who do not have access to an embassy or consulate in their home country. To apply for a VOA, you will need to submit an online application through a reputable travel agency or visa service provider.

Once your application is processed and approved, you will receive a visa approval letter via email. You will need to print this letter and present it at the VOA counter upon arrival at one of Vietnam’s international airports. You will then need to pay a stamping fee to receive your visa and enter the country.

How Much is a Multiple Entry Visa to Vietnam?

The cost of a multiple entry visa to Vietnam varies depending on the type of visa, duration of stay.

  • For e-Visa: The visa fee is paid ONCE online for Vietnam Immigration. (25 USD for visa single entry or 50 USD for visa multiple entry)
  • For Visa on arrival: the fees depend on which types of visa you are applying for. There are two types of fee you need to pay: service fee and stamping fee. While the service fee is paid online to get visa approval letter, the stamping fee is paid in cash at Vietnam airport to get visa stamped. You may see Vietnam visa on arrival fees for updated details.
Type of Visa Duration of Stay Service Fee (USD) Stamping Fee (USD)
Tourist Visa Up to 3 months $60 $50
Business Visa Up to 6 months N/A N/A
Diplomatic/Official Visa Up to 12 months N/A N/A

It’s important to note that the stamping fee is only applicable for those applying for a VOA. If you are applying for an e-Visa, the processing fee includes the stamping fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I extend my multiple entry visa while in Vietnam?

Yes, you can extend your multiple entry visa while in Vietnam. The extension process can be done at the Immigration Department or through a reputable travel agency. You will need to provide a valid reason for the extension and pay a fee depending on the duration of the extension.

How long does it take to process a multiple entry visa for Vietnam?

The processing time for a multiple entry visa for Vietnam varies depending on the type of visa and the method of application. E-Visas typically take 4-6 working days to process, while VOA can take up to 1 working days.

Can I enter Vietnam multiple times with a single entry visa?

No, a single entry visa only allows you to enter Vietnam once. If you plan on making multiple trips to Vietnam, you will need to apply for a multiple entry visa.


Obtaining a multiple entry visa for Vietnam is essential if you plan on making multiple trips to this beautiful country. With the different types of visas available and the various application methods, it’s important to research and choose the best option for your travel plans. We hope this blog post has provided you with all the information you need to know about the Vietnam multiple entry visa. Happy travels!