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Tip For A Perfect Beach Trip

January 22, 2015

For a perfect beach trip, you should prepare everything carefully before starting and be careful with all the dangers that may occur. EVIVA TOUR VIETNAM is pleased to give some notes for beach trip:

– Before you go to the beach, you should prepare at least 2 bathing suits. Shorts, skirts, T-shirts will make you feel cool and comfortable. Sandals should be used instead of shoes because your feet will be more airy. You should also bring a towel, swim goggles. If traveling with children, you should buy your kid swimming floats for children or floating chair to sit on the beach.

– You also need to bring sunscreen to protect your skin, choose kind have SPF of 30 or higher. Big size hats, sunglasses to protect the eyes.

swimming with Sea Turtles

– Before go into the water, you should ask the locals for safest area for swimming … You should not swim too far from shore or at deep area. The easiest way is always pay attention to limitation flag which most of beaches have or watching those around you. You should always be wary of the sand and the waves can take you away from shore.

– You should start warming up before go into the water to avoid cramps and more refreshing when swimming.

– Swimming in public, to be able to get support if you have an accident.

– In addition, eye drops, ear cotton swab, shower gel, shampoo is also useful. With children, you should bring some dry food or beverage after swimming.

– It should not be too long when swimming in sunny day or at mid-day. Do not carry watches, jewelry especially necklaces when swimming.

– When big group go for swimming, it should be separated to smaller groups. When playing the game as high speed boat, surfing, skydiving, kayaking, diving … you need to follow the safety requirements given by the guide. Not swim far outside the safe zone, avoid the obstacles on a remote beach.

– Do not let small child swim when sea water is cold. Instead, you should let your child swim at the pool play on the sand.

– Food poisoning at restaurants often happen due to a large number of people concentrated in one location makes the restaurant hardly serve in time with good quality of food. Therefore, you should not eat uncooked food. Also, you should bring colic medicine or other drugs.