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November 12, 2014

Arrange a thoughtful luggage for the honeymoon will help you to “score ‘ in your lover’s eyes right away from the early days of marriage. Here are some notes from EVIVA TOUR VIETNAM for a perfect honeymoon trip.

Check the weather

Weather will determine your luggage for the trip, so you need to check the weather forecast to prepare most carefully.

Check hotel

You should ask the technical condition of the hotel so you can prepare. For example, if it is a secluded plateau, you cannot expect too much in the service at hotel. You can also ask about the honeymoon services to make sure you will have romantic time at the hotel.

Lightweight luggage

You should avoid becoming “slaves” for luggage, prepare the necessary lightweight luggage.

– Identification: passport, ID, visas, driving licenses and other qualifications, if necessary, a paper ticket or your booking number, credit card (should not all bring all cards to avoid misplaced or lost); sufficient cash, phone, phone battery charger, phone book or small travel guidebook, a scarf, a pair of socks or shirt, thin coat; dry and wet paper napkin; food, snacks to eat on the plane.

– For the bride clothes: you should wear jeans, shorts, shirts, dresses or prom dresses to enjoy a romantic dinner at luxury restaurants, a few simple floral skirt, seductive underwear, swimwear, warm clothing if cold weather arrived, two pairs of shoes, makeup, hair dryers …

– For the groom: beyond the personal belongings, you should bring some shorts, pants and shirts, blouses, swimwear, socks.

These common things like: cold medicines, allergy medicines, pain medication oil, plaster, shampoo, shower gel, sunscreen and sunglasses, mosquito cream, a small umbrella or light raincoat. Remember to bring some plastic bags so that you can put dirty and in some necessary cases.

If you travel by plane, you have to put knife or scissors into checked baggage.

It is best not to bring electronic device, you should take advantage of the romantic moments together.

Do not forget to bring your camera to capture the beautiful moments of sweet honeymoon trip.