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What you need to bring when travel to Vietnam

July 03, 2014

A great trip depends on many factors. Perfect destinations with special things and good quality of service will make your trip become amazing. But if you want your trip to become perfect, carefully prepare anything required. Here is a check list of things you should bring when you leave your home and head to Vietnam.
A. 3 months before you go

1. Check your passport to ensure that it is valid with at least 6 months prior to the date you will arrive in Vietnam
2. Check you are in good health for travel, there is no requirement on health when travelling in Vietnam
3. Follow and search all Vietnam Travel information including visa requirement, destinations, food, hotel, etc. on Facebook, Twitter or websites like

B. 1 month before you go
1.  Prepare necessary travel insurance, book Vietnam visa on arrival. There are several companies providing Vietnam visa service with good quality such as Eviva Tour
2.  Scan all your important documents and identification and email it to yourself and a friend at home
3.  Begin learning a few Vietnamese greetings
3 basic words: “Hello” – “Xin chao”; “Good bye” – “Tam biet”; “Thank you” – “Cam on”
4.  Start practicing using chopsticks
5.  Have your phone unlocked if you are planning to use your phone in Vietnam especially if you use Iphone, Android phones

C. 1 week before you go
1. Get a few passport pictures for your Vietnam Visa and or you also plan to travel Lao, Cambodia
2. Collect and record any important, emergency phone numbers
3. Bring your lightweight, quick-dry clothing on summer, your warmer comfy clothes on winter months, as well as your sun hat, swimsuit
4. Bring flashlight, alarm clock, sunglasses, insect repellent
5. Prepare any medications, toiletries
6. Change money in US dollars (crisp $100 bills is best)
7. Prepare your raincoat
8. Prepare footwear: sandals, hiking shoes, walking shoes, etc.
9. Double check your camera and photography equipment

D. 1 day before you go
1. Reconfirm your flight
2. Try to get some sleep,because the excitement is building and you will have a long flight.
3. Say your farewells
4. Zip up that suitcase and head to Vietnam!

Good luck!