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Do i need to fill the Medical Declaration Form

March 31, 2020

In the context of the outbreak of pandemic (COVID-19) all travelers entering Vietnam are required to have their health checked and complete a Medical Declaration Form on arrival. Here is my experience about this.

Do i need to fill Medical Declaration Form

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As you might know there are 3 ways to get visa in order to travel Vietnam: Via Vietnamese Embassy, E-visa and via trusted travel agency in Vietnam so i decided to apply visa on arrival via website which has recommend by my friend to avoid unexpected problems might come. One day before the flight time, the visa consultant of informed me of the filing a Medical Declaration Form, thank you for their professionalism!

Please note that this form can be filled out online on the day of entry into Vietnam or on paper upon your arrival at the entry point. But based on my experience, you should fill the form online in order to make your trip smooth and save the time.

About the online declaration:

Step 1: The arrivals can choose to file the declaration in paper or electronic form, via the Preventive Health Department website The declaration form is available in English, Chinese, South Korean, Italian, Cambodian,… so you can select one and complete the form or scan QR code at the point of entry to fill in the form. Here is the code:

Step 2: Read carefully and fill correctly the information in the blanket in medical declaration form (the box has sign “*” is required to fill).

Step 3: Enter authentication code to the last box of the form.

Step 4: After submitting the form you will receive a unique code. Please keep it in your phone or note it on your paper and bring it with you.

Step 5: You can show your code to take the print of your Medical Declaration Form at the Medical Declaration Area and receive the sealed Statement from the health staff before going through the counter to make immigration procedures.

About the paper declaration:

● After reaching the entry port, go to the Medical Declaration Area to take the Medical Declaration Form and fill it out.

● The health staff there will check your health status then give the sealed Statement then you can go to the counter to make immigration procedures.

*Please note that you might see this paper form at the Hotel/hostel/motel where you stay in Vietnam.