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Developments of the Covid-19 epidemic in Vietnam recently

June 16, 2021

Since Covid-19 appeared, it has changed the world drastically. The strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus crept everywhere, and its rapid spread speed has pushed the global health system into crisis, and our country Vietnam is no exception. Vietnam is currently experiencing the 4th outbreak since April 27 with the highest number of cases and the fastest increase ever. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic that has shaken the world, Vietnam is still known as one of the most successful countries in containing the pandemic. Thanks to a series of rapid response measures, Vietnam became the only country in Southeast Asia to achieve a positive growth rate amid the impact of the pandemic. The good news is that the 4th wave in Vietnam shows signs of “cooling down” in some provinces.

Covid-19 epidemic in Vietnam recently

Covid-19 epidemic in Vietnam recently

The evolution of the epidemic is complicated, the cases of infection increase rapidly and strongly

In this war, Vietnam has to deal with two variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus at the same time, including the British variant and the Indian double variant, both of which are fast-spreading variants. In particular, this wave is multi-outbreak, multi-source, and multi-variant, with complicated developments in industrial parks. Since mid-May, the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic has had new complicated developments when consecutively. There were cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection in industrial zones in some provinces and cities such as Da Nang, Bac Ninh, and Bac Giang. As soon as the outbreaks were detected, the local authorities blocked all those areas, set up field hospitals and isolation areas to prevent the spread to the community. In the peak days of the epidemic, the number of infections can reach hundreds of people per day, this is the high record ever. However, in recent days, the number of new cases per day has dropped to double digits.

From 6 am to 12 am on June 10, there were only 88 new cases. Bac Giang continues to be the epidemic center of the whole country with 52 cases. Ho Chi Minh City (15), Bac Ninh (10), Hanoi (4), Ha Tinh (2), Lang Son (1), Hai Duong (1), Long An (1). The number of new cases from April 27 to now is 6,536. It can be said that this is the most dangerous wave ever in Vietnam.

Efforts to stamp out the epidemic of the government and people

Unlike the previous three outbreaks, this time, the government’s response is calmer, possibly because it has gone through many epidemics with more fluent anti-epidemic experience. Therefore, after nearly 2 months, the epidemic situation has shown positive signs. Typically, in Ho Chi Minh City, the epidemic is showing signs of slowing down and the number of cases is decreasing. In addition to the wise direction of the Government, the anti-epidemic efforts of frontline doctors and the people of the country have contributed to the victory of the country against the pandemic.

By the end of June 10, the country’s large outbreak in Bac Giang had nearly 600 patients discharged from the hospital. Among the cases being treated here, more than 2.1 thousand patients are mild, 292 are negative for the first time and 74 are negative for the second time.

Speed up vaccination against Covid-19

Because there is no specific drug to treat Covid-19, vaccination is currently the first option to limit and repel the disease, towards herd immunity. In countries with strong economic potential, vaccination is deployed very strongly, typically in the US, Russia, Israel, and China. In Vietnam, the Government is also promoting vaccination for people, giving priority to frontline doctors and nurses to fight the epidemic.

As of 4 p.m. on June 9, a total of 1st and 2nd phase of Covid-19 vaccinations were administered in provinces/cities with 1,389,887 doses. Among that, the number of people who have been fully vaccinated with 2 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine is 47,179 people. This is a commendable number for the effort to provide the Covid-19 vaccine for the people. However, compared with the demand, Vietnam still lacks a large number of vaccines, so Vietnam urgently needs the support and facilitation of countries and organizations in enhancing early access to vaccines. vaccines against Covid-19.

In the context of limited supply, outbreaks of disease in many countries, Vietnam needs more advanced production technologies to have an autonomous production source in the country, Vietnam has urgently negotiated to buy a package of advanced technology. (mRNA technology) for vaccine production in Vietnam. After 3 months of technology transfer, currently, Vietnam’s Nanocovax vaccine has entered the phase 3 trial injection. On the afternoon of June 10, the first 19 people were officially tested. After the injection, the volunteers were all healthy, with no abnormal problems.

The past time has been difficult for Vietnam when the outbreaks broke out consecutively with large and complicated scale developments. However, with the nation’s unity and solidarity, Vietnam has repelled the pandemic and will win it again as we did.