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Apply Vietnam visa – How to save cost ?

July 18, 2014

Applying a Vietnam visa is considered as the initial and important steps to get a wonderful trip in Vietnam. Let’s see how to save cost when you start applying Vietnam visa.

1. You should consider much between applying a Vietnam visa via online or Vietnam Embassy or Consulate.

Firstly, applying visa via Vietnam Embassy, it takes you at least two times to go there; once for submitting your visa documents in person; once for receiving your passport. The processing time is normally 4-5 working days. And the cost of getting visa depends much on the type of visa; it goes around USD 100.00 – USD 200.00.

While applying Vietnam visa on arrival, you have to pay only the maximum service fee of USD 50.00 and the maximum stamping fee of USD 95.00, the total is around USD 150.00. It is much cheaper without hidden fee. Also the time processing is only 2 working days or even it is quicker within 4 working hours.

It is clear that applying Vietnam visa online is the best way to save your money as well as your precious time.

2. Decision of exact arrival date is a good way to save your trip cost.

As you known, the visa validity will start and end on the fixed dates in your visa application. If you enter one day earlier, your visa is not valid and you need to reapply visa to amend it. In case you go Vietnam later than two weeks, your visa of one month will lasts only 2 weeks and once you want to stay longer, extension visa is mandatory. It is better to define the exact date before applying visa.

3. Decision of right type of visa you want to get: single or multiple, three or one months.

You should consider whether you get back Vietnam during that period or not and then apply single or multiple entry visa. Also either one or three months are suitable for your trip.

Before applying visa, you should pay much attention to 3 points listed above. They will help you save a lot of cost.

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