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Update the latest vaccine status and data in Vietnam

August 03, 2021

Vaccines are an active measure to prevent infectious diseases. Its role becomes even more urgent in the context of the current complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic. The Covid-19 pandemic will only really end when the vaccine is widely covered in each locality, country, and globally.

What kind of covid vaccines in Vietnam using?

Currently, there are more than 100 Covid-19 vaccines in the preclinical stages of development. Vaccines work by different mechanisms to induce immunity, but with all Covid-19 vaccines, there is a common mechanism beyond creating antibodies against the virus.

Vietnam is being supplied with four vaccines against COVID-19 from AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, and Sinopharm. For each vaccine, the Ministry of Health and the National Immunization Program have specific instructions for localities on requirements for storage, transportation, and vaccination practices for each type of vaccine.

How is the covid vaccine vaccination campaign in Vietnam?

For Vietnam, besides the 5K measure of the Ministry of Health, vaccines are an active and effective prevention solution. We have also set a goal to achieve herd immunity with coverage of over 70% of the population.

Vietnam has officially launched the largest vaccination campaign in history – vaccination against COVID-19 for all people over the age of 18 from July 2021 to April 2022. Therefore, this Covid-19 vaccination campaign has a large scale, a large number of people injected, and a systematic system. Vaccination has been deployed nationwide in the past time with more than 13,000 facilities including the expanded vaccination program in communes and wards, vaccination points at hospitals, and vaccination service establishments.

In addition, human resources involved in injection work have also been trained and experienced in organizing.

The good news about Vietnam’s Nanocovax vaccine

Vaccine Nanocovax has completed phase 3a trial with 2 injections for 1004 people; phase 3b has also completed injection 1 for 12,000 people and will complete 2 injections for group 3b on August 15. Phase 3 Nanocovax has also been tested in groups of people over 60 years old (including 81-year-old volunteers) and those with stable medical conditions.

Preliminary assessment after phase 1, 2, and 3a trials: Nanocovax produces high antibodies, after 6 months the antibody test is still high, all volunteers are safe after injection, there are no cases of severe reactions. , a few have a mild fever, pain at the injection site and go away on their own in 24-48 hours, without medical intervention. In terms of protective effectiveness, the neutralizing vaccine treats 6 viruses, including Delta, Alpha, and Wuhan strains (phase 1, 2 tested on Wuhan and Alphaviruses, phase 3 continues to be adjusted to suit with Delta and other new strains).

Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) is also evaluating the dossier, to include Nanocovac in the vaccine group in the global COVAX program (which is still lacking in Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin America). At the same time, 30 countries around the world have contacted Nanocovax to request technology transfer for them to produce on their own, including India.

With a production capacity of 30 million doses per month, 360 million doses per year, Nanocovax not only meets the needs of Vietnam (in 2022) but also exports under the WHO Covax program.

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