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Vietnam Visa Requirement for citizens of South Korea

Do South Korea passport holders need Visa to Vietnam?

Are South Korean citizens exempted from Vietnam visa?

The table below gives information about whether a South Korean passport holders needs a visa to enter Vietnam or not:

Visa type 15 days in Maximum More than 15 days
Tourism Visa Visa exempt Visa required
Business Visa Visa exempt Visa required

Therefore, the table above shows that South Korean do NOT need to apply for a Vietnam visa if they want to stay for 15 days in maximum and must meet the following conditions:

  • South Korean passport has 6 months validity (at least) since your entry date
  • South Korean passport has 02 blank pages in minimum.
  • This South Korean passport holders must not enter Vietnam before under the visa exemption category, or if have, the time of entry must be at least 30 days before the time of exit under the visa exemption status.

Note: If you are South Korean and want to return to Vietnam within 30 days from your previous exit, you MUST apply for a visa

How to get a Vietnam visa for South Korean Citizens?

South Korean citizens or South Korean passport holders can apply for a Vietnamese visa in 02 following ways:

1- Getting Visa at Vietnamese Embassy

You can contact directly to Embassy of Vietnam in South Korea (if you are living in South Korea), or in a nation that you are settling in.

To obtain Vietnam Visa, you must prepare required documents:

  • Your original passport has at least 6-months validity
  • One application form is filled in with your correct information, along with 02 passport photos
  • Visa fee at Embassy of Vietnam. Please note that the cost depends on the length and purpose of the trip. The more important thing is all visa application fees at the Embassy are non-refundable
  • If you send your application form by mail or post office, please provide your correct address that you want to return your passport and visa. All documents should be placed in one package

2- Getting Visa On Arrival at Vietnam International Airport (highly recommended)

To all South Korean citizens who travel to Vietnam by plane, Visa on Arrival is the most convenient way to get Vietnam visa (you can get visa right at the airport)

To obtain this VOA visa, you just need to follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Apply online visa application form
    Finish online visa application form with basic information such as full name, passport number, passport expiry date, date of birth, date of entry and exit, then pay the service fee
  2. Receive Visa Approval Letter
    You will receive Visa Approval Letter within 2 days (for tourism visa) or 7 days (for business visa), or even faster with emergency visa service.
  3. Stick Visa Stamp when you arrive at Vietnam Airport