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Question: I need a renew visa for 3 months. It is possible? Do you have any other type of visa?

Dear Cindy, how are you?

Actually I stay in Hanoi city, and my Visa will expire on 16 May!
I need a new Visa, and I prefer to ask the Visa for 3 months.
It is possible? Do you have any other type of visa?
The second question is that my wife, actually in Italy, needs the new Visa for to come to Vietnam, for the business reasons.
Can you suggest me any solution?

Thanks and Regards.

In Visa extension | Asked by Mr. Daniel | May 15, 2020


Xin chao Mr. Daniel

How are you? I hope your trip to Vietnam has set as scheduled.

For the first question, we would like to acknowledge that we are supporting customers to get 1, 2, or 3 more months visa. All requirement you need to handle at our office is your original passport which has 2 left blank pages and valid at least 06 months.

Please take a look at this table below for fee information:

3 months visa Duration for extension Extension fees(USD)
1 month (single) 90
2 months (single) 175
3 months (single) 270

About the processing time, it will take 7-10 working days since we get your passport.

For the second question, from 15 March, Vietnam Immigration Department stops issuing VISA ON ARRIVAL for all travelers coming to Vietnam in that period; therefore, we now can not process visa for her. However, as soon as getting new information, we will notify you by email as well as on our website at the latest.

Hope to hear from you soon.