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Question: Apply Vietnam visa from Sydney to Ho Chi Minh City

Thank you Ms Nguyen for your reply.

Our daughter will arrive in Ho Chi Minh  on 25 July at 7.00 am and has connecting flights to Sydney at 20.35. Would she be able to exit airport  due to such long transit time?

My husband and I will arrive in Ho Chi Minh on 29.August, 7.00 am and connecting flight to Sydney at 20.35. Also I would like to ask if we can purchase visa at the arrival in Ho Chi Minh. My husband and I were in Vietnam last year for holiday and organised visa beforehand online. When we arrived in Ho Chi Minh we were still required to queue because we needed entry stamp. I noticed that lots of other people were purchasing visa on arrival. If we are able to purchase visa on arrival would that cause us any problem on boarding the plane in Sydney?

Thank you  Regards Zdenka


Dear Zdenka Menhart,

Thank you for your email.

We would like to summary the journey of your family below:

- Your daughter:

+ Take a flight from Australia to Germany via Ho Chi Minh on 2 July. Travel around Germany and Europe until 24 July

+ Take a flight from Germany to Australia via Ho Chi Minh on 25 July (transit is for 13 hours)

- You and your husband:

+ Take a flight from Australia to Germany via Ho Chi Minh on 2 July. Travel around Germany and Europe until 28 August

+ Take a flight from Germany to Australia via Ho Chi Minh on 29 August

To make it easier for you to understand, we would like to send you the map of Ho Chi Minh airport in attachment. For 2 transit flights at Tan Son Nhat:

+ If you do not leave the arrival passport control area on the map (in front of Immigration checking point - a green point), you are not required to handle visa.

+ If you have to get out this area in order to, for example, take the luggage for transit flight or city sight tour during transit time, you have to apply visa to enter Vietnam.

Please revise the schedule and confirm us what situation of your family for further advice if you have to get visa and if yes, what type is suitable.

For your concern about visa on arrival, you need to apply online first to make sure you are approved to enter Vietnam legally. Then, upon the arrival airport, there are 2 steps dealing with visa procedure:

1. Queue up to get your visa stamped at the landing office (where you paid the stamping fee):

2. Queue up before the immigration booth for their checking the visa and put the residence stamp on that

To save your time of queuing up, we would like to suggest your our support services at the airport. Please find details of these service below:

- Assistance service: USD 25/pax - applied for step 1 only. Our assistant will stand in front of the landing office, holding a board including your name, receive from you the passport, photo and stamping fee in cash and he will support you to do the stamping procedure smoothly and promptly; then give the passport back to you, end of the assistance service.

- VIP B service: USD 35/pax if the flight lands from 7:00 to 23:00 and USD 50/pax for night flights during the rest of time in a day - applied for both steps.

+ All services of assistance service

+ Then take the clients pass the immigration booth promptly and directly to the baggage claim area and wait for luggage

+ After that our assistant will carry out the custom procedure, return the passport

If you are interested in these service, please let us know for support.

Should you have any question, do feel free to contact us. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,