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International arrivals to Vietnam continue to rise

November 04, 2013

According International arrivals to Vietnam continue to riseto the General Statistics Office, Vietnam attracted 6,118,969 international arrivals in the past ten months, up 10.4% in comparison with the same period last year; 628,695 international arrivals in October 2013, increasing by 2.3% over Sep. 2013 and by 15.1% over Oct. 2012.

The number of international arrivals for tourism rose strongly, achieving 3,750,017 (up 12.7%), accounting for over 60% of international arrivals to Vietnam, followed by those for business: 1,023,800 (up 8.6%); for visiting relatives: 1,018,156 (up 8.4%).
International arrivals to Viet Nam by air reached 4,826,938, increasing by 7.3% over the same period last year; by sea: 177,845 (down 20%); by road: 1,114,186 (up 35.7%).

In the past ten months, the number of international arrivals from Russia, China, Thailand was 228,109 (up 66.1%), 1,535,813 (up 36.2%), 216,294 (up 21%), respectively.

(Source: Vietnamtourism)

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