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Foreign arrivals up 10% in 11 months

November 28, 2013

Foreign arrivals up 10 in 11 monthsThe number of international visitors to Vietnam over the last eleven months is estimated at 6.85 million, a year-on-year rise of 10.2%, according to the General Statistics Office.

Of the total, 4.2 million visited for travel and leisure purposes, up 12.1% , and 1.15 million came to work, up 8.3%. The remaining 1.14 million visited their relatives, up 8.7%.

In terms of mode of transport, the number of foreign tourists travelling by air was 5.413 million, (up 7%), and by land, 1.252 million (up 38.7%).

They predominantly came from China (up 34%) followed by the Republic of Korea (7.4%), Japan (5.5%), Cambodia (3.6%) and Australia (10.9%).


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