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Best things to do in Vietnam holidays with kids – Suggested Itinerary

February 16, 2024

Vietnam is quickly becoming a popular holiday destination for families with children. Known for its stunning natural scenery, mouthwatering cuisine, rich culture and low costs, Vietnam offers plenty of amazing experiences for kids of all ages. Here is a comprehensive guide on the best things to do in Vietnam with kids, including where to go, when to visit, travel tips, suggested itinerary and more!

Halong Day Cruise

Vietnam holidays with kids in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Why holiday in Vietnam with kids

Vietnam is an extremely family-friendly country with lots to see and do. Here are some of the top reasons to consider Vietnam for your next family holiday:

Fun Things To Do

  • Amusement parks – Dam Sen Water Park and Vinpearl Land are popular parks kids love.
  • Markets – Bustling markets like Ben Thanh in Ho Chi Minh City are exciting for kids.
  • Beaches – Long, sandy beaches in places like Nha Trang and Phu Quoc are perfect for swimming and sandcastles.
  • Cooking – Fun, hands-on cooking classes kids can learn to make Vietnamese dishes.
  • River cruises – Cruising along the Mekong Delta or Halong Bay is a cool way to explore.
  • Nature adventures – Trekking, waterfalls, national parks are great for older kids.

Kid-Friendly Accommodation

  • Hotels with swimming pools, kids’ clubs, interconnected family rooms.
  • Beach resorts with waterslides, playgrounds and organized activities.
  • Serviced apartments for extra space and convenience.

Delicious, Kid-Approved Food

  • Vietnamese food features lots of kid favorites like noodles, rice paper rolls, fresh tropical fruit.
  • Adaptable menus or western food available in most destinations.
  • Cooking classes teach kids about Vietnamese cuisine.

Family-Oriented Culture

  • Vietnamese adore children and cater well to families.
  • Kid-focused activities and discounts widely available.
  • Safe, family-friendly environment.


  • Inexpensive prices for food, accommodation and attractions compared to Western countries.
  • Plenty of budget-friendly options like guesthouses and street food.
  • Easy to keep costs down and stretch your travel budget further.

With tons of fun and family-oriented activities, delicious and varied cuisine, an affordable price tag and welcoming culture, Vietnam offers an amazing destination for a family getaway the whole gang will love.

Vietnam with baby or toddler

Traveling to Vietnam with a baby or toddler comes with some additional considerations but is absolutely doable. Here are some tips to make your Vietnam family holiday successful with little ones:

Choosing the Right Destinations

Opt for fewer destination changes to limit long transport times. Prioritize child-friendly places like:

  • Hoi An – Charming ancient town with nearby beaches. Calm vibe.
  • Phu Quoc Island – Tropical island with gorgeous beaches perfect for families.
  • Dalat – Cool climate hill town with waterfalls, amusement parks and relaxed pace.

Booking Family Rooms

Look for hotels, resorts or apartments with:

  • Adjoining or interconnecting rooms so you’re close by.
  • Cots, cribs, baby beds, highchairs etc available.
  • Kitchenette for preparing baby food.
  • Washing machine and dryer.
  • Pool, playground and kids’ club.

Packing Well

Bring any speciality baby items but you can also buy basics like diapers and formula in Vietnam. Essentials to pack include:

  • Lightweight, breathable clothing.
  • Baby carrier – very useful for touring around.
  • Portable high chair or booster seat.
  • Toys, books, snacks etc to entertain.
  • Baby monitor.
  • First aid kit, medicines, thermometer.

Adjusting Your Schedule

Be flexible and go at your child’s pace:

  • Have relaxing mornings and active afternoons when they have napped.
  • Spend full days at the pool or beach and stay close to your hotel.
  • Take days off from sightseeing if needed.

With some thoughtful planning, having babies or toddlers along in Vietnam can be manageable and super fun!

Best time to visit Vietnam with children

Vietnam’s tropical climate makes planning the timing of your family trip an important consideration. Here are the best times to visit Vietnam with kids:

Dry Season (December-April)

The dry months from December to April offer hot, sunny weather ideal for beach holidays and outdoor activities.


  • Great weather at beaches like Nha Trang, Phu Quoc
  • Fun water parks are open
  • North is cool and comfortable


  • Hot interior and south – bring hats, stay hydrated
  • Peak tourist season – book accommodation early

Shoulder Season (May, September-November)

May and autumn months bring moderate temperatures, lower humidity and reduced crowds.


  • Fewer tourists, lower prices
  • Hanoi, Dalat and central coast pleasant
  • Dry weather up north


  • Start of rainy season down south
  • October-November sees more rain nationwide

Low Season (June-August)

The summer rainy season has the most rain and stifling humidity. However, lower prices and crowds can still make it a good budget choice.


  • Great deals on accommodation
  • Empty beaches if sunshine breaks through
  • Fascinating rice planting season


  • Heat and heavy rainfall across much of Vietnam
  • Mosquitos prevalent – bring repellant
  • Some businesses closed for low season

Paying attention to Vietnam’s seasons when planning your family trip allows you to take advantage of best weather and prices for a comfortable visit.

Safety and health in Vietnam with kids

Vietnam is generally a very safe country for traveling with children. However, paying attention to health and safety will ensure your family stays happy and healthy on your holiday. Here are some useful tips:

Health Tips

  • Drink only bottled water and avoid ice in drinks.
  • Check food has been thoroughly cooked.
  • Always wash hands before eating.
  • Keep up with routine vaccinations and discuss supplement vaccines like typhoid, hep A.
  • Bring a basic first aid kit with bandaids, medicine, thermometer etc.

Safety Tips

  • Register with your embassy in case of emergencies or natural disasters.
  • Avoid having valuables visible – keep bags closed and items tucked away.
  • Look carefully before crossing roads as traffic is chaotic.
  • Ask hotels about safety box or carry valuables with you.
  • Be vigilant with children near water like pools, beaches, rivers. Use lifejackets.

Getting Around

  • Hire a private car and driver for convenient touring between destinations.
  • On buses keep children close, store luggage safely and watch for pickpockets.
  • Only take licensed taxis with working meters and know your route.
  • Avoid overnight trains with small children if possible.

Scams to Avoid

  • Avoid street vendors pushing gifts or photos with children.
  • Don’t convert money or buy tours from people approaching you. Go to official agents.
  • Politely decline persistent vendors, motorbike taxis and beggars.

With some vigilance, Vietnam’s safety risks are easily managed allowing you to focus on enjoying your family trip!

Tips for holiday with children in Vietnam

Traveling through Vietnam with kids comes with some unique circumstances. Here are great tips for an amazing family holiday in Vietnam:


  • Book hotels with pools, playgrounds and kids clubs.
  • Request family rooms, cots, highchairs etc.
  • Apartments provide extra space and self-catering options.

Getting Around

  • Break up long journeys with interesting stopovers.
  • Bring entertainment like iPads, books and snacks for transport.
  • Use private transfers instead of public transport where possible.


  • Ask for simple, mildly flavored Vietnamese dishes for kids.
  • Have snacks on hand to supplement smaller restaurant portions.
  • Try street food carts for food kids will like – pho, spring rolls, noodles.


  • Bring lightweight, quick-dry clothing – it’s humid!
  • Pack sunhats, sunscreen and mosquito repellant.
  • Baby carrier is super useful for touring around.


  • Combine educational activities like museums and temples with fun stuff like water parks.
  • Join kids cooking classes, craft classes or farm visits.
  • Balance busy days out with time at the pool and beach.

Entertaining Kids

  • Play alphabet games spotting things that start with each letter.
  • Turn city exploring into a scavenger hunt looking for items or places.
  • Older kids can help plan activities and navigate with a map.

With the right gear, pacing and ideas, Vietnam can be an incredible family-friendly destination!

Best destinations in Vietnam with kids

With plenty of great spots to choose from, here are some of the top destinations in Vietnam for families:

Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam’s largest, busiest city has many highlights:


  • Notre Dame Cathedral, Reunification Palace, War Remnants Museum
  • Markets like Ben Thanh and Floating Markets
  • Theme parks like Dam Sen Water Park

Family perks

  • Very kid-friendly city with lots of entertainment
  • Good transport links to other destinations
  • Range of family-friendly hotel options

Hoi An

This charming heritage town is relaxed with nearby beaches:


  • Tra Que Vegetable Village gardening experience
  • An Bang Beach for swimming, games and relaxation
  • Cooking classes and lantern making activities

Family perks

  • Low traffic makes sightseeing easier
  • Pool resorts allow combination of culture and beach fun

Phu Quoc Island

Island paradise with gorgeous beaches, forests and seafood:


  • Sao Beach, Khem Beach, Ong Lang Beach for swimming and sandcastles
  • Phu Quoc National Park for trekking and wildlife spotting
  • Local fish sauce factories and pearl farms

Family perks

  • Great spot for fun beach holiday combined with activities
  • Family rooms and entertainment at resorts
  • Domestic flights easily accessible from HCMC

With flat terrain in the south, cooler highlands and a range of exciting activities, Vietnam offers families amazing diversity and enjoyment.

Suggested Itinerary: Holiday in Vietnam with kids

Below is a 2 week suggested itinerary to hit many of the highlights of Vietnam with children. Adjust based on your family’s interests:

Days 1-3: Ho Chi Minh City

Explore HCMC’s top sites:

  • Notre Dame Cathedral, Reunification Palace, War Remnants Museum
  • Ben Thanh Market
  • Dam Sen Water Park

Stay in a family-friendly hotel with pool access.

Days 4-6: Mekong Delta / Can Tho

Take a boat tour through the lush Mekong Delta and its floating markets and villages. This area is perfect for kids – relax by the river, enjoy rural life and learn about Vietnam’s agriculture. Base yourself in Can Tho for river access.

Days 7-9: Hoi An

Fly to Danang and transfer to the enchanting heritage town of Hoi An with nearby beach access. Activities include Ancient Town tour, lantern making, cooking classes and beach days at An Bang Beach. Stay in a resort outside town.

Days 10-13: Phu Quoc Island

Fly to paradise island Phu Quoc! Enjoy gorgeous beaches, watersports, swimming and seafood. Explore Phu Quoc National Park. Stay at a family-friendly beachside resort.

Day 14: Departure

Fly back to HCMC for departure.

This itinerary provides a mix of culture, nature, beaches and fun across Vietnam suited for kids of all ages! Adjust activities and duration based on your family.


With stunning scenery, tons of delicious food your kids will love, adventure activities, lovely beaches and a very welcoming culture to families, Vietnam is a stand-out family-friendly destination in Southeast Asia. Pay attention to traveling during the right season, choosing suitable destinations and accommodations and planning a mix of cultural activities and beach fun for an itinerary the whole family will love. The options are endless for an unforgettable family holiday in Vietnam with kids of any age!