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How do we get a valid visa?


I am planning to visit Vietnam with some friends next month.
I am trying to understand how your process works.   I live in San Diego, my other friends are in Florida and in Kentucky.
How do we get a valid visa?  Do we have to send out our passports to the Embassy or a Consulate to get stamped?  Not quite clear what we need to do to work with your service.

Thank you so much for your help!




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South Africa passport- How to get Vietnam visa?

Good day

I am living in shanghai and hold a south African passport. I know I need to get a visa for vietnam however is there a way I can do it online like an eVisa? Please could you help me with explaining the process.

Kindest regards
Daniela Degidio
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What is the procedure and what it takes for a visa?

Respected, I am citizen of Republic of Serbia and I plan business trip to Vietnam from 27.7.2017 to 29.7.2017. So I want to know what is the procedure and what it takes for a visa? Thanks in advance for your answer.

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Get Vietnam visa for UK British passport


I am wondering whether I need a visa for Vietnam. I hold a UK British passport and I am flying to Hanoi from Bangkok on Friday 21st April for five nights.

The British embassy website says until June 2017 I do not need a visa.

Please confirm this.



Visa to Vietnam for Brazil citizen

I’m from Brazil and travelling to Vietam from China in two weeks. I would like to know how to apply for the Visa on Arrival. I heard that I need a letter before I go.
Could you help me with this process?

Thanks and Best regards,

Visa information for South Africa and Italy


At the moment I’m on holiday visa. Single entry 90 days.  I’ve love it so much i want live here. How is the best way to go about it?
I’ve got Dual-nationality with South Africa and Italy.
If you could please advise me on the best route.

Thank you
Shaun Anderson

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Vietnam visa fee for U.S. citizen

Hello. I am a U.S. citizen temporarily living in Bangkok. My girlfriend and I are trying to go to Vietnam in the next two months and obtain a tourist visa. We were wondering if you could tell us exactly how much that would cost with fees and everything? Thank you.

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authority letter

If i am coming personally to delhi to submit visa application on behalf of my Manbaging Director, should i have to submit authority letter for submission and for collection. please advice. Please give me copy of authority letter

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French citizen

Hello, Could you please inform me if I can take the visa on my arrival at the airport in Vietnam ? Thank you for the answer.


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Vietnam visa for Ecuadorian citizen by land

Dear Vietnam Visa Online,

I’m an Ecuadorian citizen planning on traveling this february to Vietnam. I was wondering: what must I do to get a visa valid for entering by land (I’ll arrive in Bangkok and I plan to travel by bus/train)? I look forward for your answer.

Best regards,

Verónica Esteves

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